Friday, April 30, 2010

Internet Cafe time runs out quickly

A (brief) Update: We have been searching for a house with several possible options that would be perfect if we could just mash them together.

The best thing has been meeting with the people. We have met with about five good partners so far and have appointments with the Deputy Mayor and several district officials to discuss how we can best serve the people there. We will be contacting the Nakasero hospital people with whom we will do the eye and dental camps soon and hopefully go to Kampala early next week.

The air is rich here and the people are happy and friendly. Little children already sing "Buzunge, eh eh, Buzungu" to us and wave and yell "Goodbye" whether we are coming or going. I will write more soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Pre-Beginning

17 days until the 1st wave arrives.

8 days until we leave.

5 days 'til graduation.

3 days to be done with finals.

2 couches, about 50 books, and a lot of dishware until we move.

One blog that will hopefully be more entertaining than this current entry.