Saturday, July 17, 2010

Data, Data, Data

The Mukono District Education Office has about 4 huge boxes of wonderful data. 4 boxes of data that was useless because it was just sitting in these boxes. A few of us are working on a project to analyze this data. A few weeks ago we used the leaving examination scores of 7th grade students at schools to rank the schools from worst to best. Now we have taken one sub-county of data and analyzed it to determine why certain schools are doing worse than others. After presenting the report to Mr. Lubega, we taught a class to Mr. Lubega, the district education officer, and a secretary so that they can do basic analysis themselves. The class went amazing. I wasn't sure if I was teaching well or not but then Mr. Lubega answered all the questions correctly and was following along well. He even said how he is really excited to get working on the analysis and writing a report. It was a wonderful end to my project and Blthye is an amazing peon.

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  1. Sounds like great fun. I went to Soroti six years ago on a site survey for a medical deployment. Gulu was offered as alternate location, but Soroti worked out just fine for us. You seem to be having as much fun as I did and are getting to stay much longer. What a great experience,

    Bob Kuhlo