Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oli Otya!

Greetings from Mukono, Uganda! Our whole team has arrived safely, without too much complication (except an unexpected overnight delay in Heathrow for many of us), and we are all finally accustomed to the almost half-day time change. Ryan and Angie have done a great job setting up many meetings with potential partner organizations, and we are busy preparing for projects by drafting proposals and forming committees.

Already we have immersed ourselves in this unique culture. We have made adobe with our feet, collected water from the Nile, taken bucket showers, learned Luganda (the native language of most Ugandans) and eveneaten grasshoppers!

Some projects that we have already helped with include: making an adobe stove, building a community clinic, and planting crops at a community field. We have also met with community leaders on health, education, business training, and orphanage projects.

This week has been invaluable preparation and training for our future adventures! I feel as though we are gradually understanding the people and discovering the best application for our time and resources. There will definitely be amazing things to write of in the days and weeks to come! As we better understand Ugandan culture and way of life, we hope that both the natives and us muzungus will be edified and empowered.

- Scott and Rachel

Forgive the poor formatting, computers in third world countries behave... differently than in the USA!

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