Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uganda vs Kenya

Saturday some of us had the opportunity to go to a Uganda soccer game. It was a wonderful experience.

We started the excursion by getting in a taxi and heading for Mandela Stadium. Upon arriving we decided that we would get the expensive tickets instead of the cheap tickets because we wanted to sit in the shade. It was a decision well worth it (we only spent $10).

To get to our seats we had to enter into a considerably nice room that had an enclosed staircase and a wet bar. Our seats were perfect, they had back rest and were directly in front of middle field.

For the pre-game show we got to watch a group of cultural percussionist who even danced while playing the drums on their heads.

Right as the game was about to start, a gentleman came and asked if he could sit next to me, I agreed and ended up being grateful that he did. As the game progressed he explained what was happening. About half way through the first half I asked him who all the men were in suits that were in the rows below us. He informed me that one was the Secretary of Education, another was Secretary General... the list goes on. I later found out that the gentleman next to me was the president of FIFA. During the 2nd half of the game, all the men in suits came and sat right next to us.

The soccer game was great, Uganda won 1 to o. It was an experience worth living.

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